Thank you for checking in on us after we adopted Malibu.  Here are some pictures of her and her sister Harley. 

Yes, we changed her name to “Pepper”.  She is doing well and adjusting to the family.  She is getting along great with our 6-year-old lab.  Having a puppy around has certainly helped her with her loneliness after losing her 2 sisters a few months back.  House training was interesting with Pepper, but she is doing great now, only a few accidents in the house here and there.  She is eating, drinking and sleeping well.  We scheduled a vet appointment when you recommended it.  After going to the appointment and looking at the records.  They said that it was too early to give the next round of shots, so I had to go back at a later date for those.  The vet recommends 2 weeks between the shots, so the date you had down was a bit too early. The vet also thinks she is a Heeler Lab Mix and not a Spaniel Lab Mix. Hard to tell of course when the parents are unknown.

She is doing very well. She is a smart girl and very affectionate.  She loves to play with our other dog and with anyone else who is willing to play.  We have discovered that she likes to eat paper & wood, so we have to be careful with that.  She has a really good nose on her, so it is fun to see her follow scents. She likes going for walks even though we have a fenced in back yard and she loves to jump in the piles of leaves along the way.

So, she is in a good home and we love having her here. She is a sweetheart for sure.

Thanks again for checking in.  We really appreciate it.  Thank you for helping us find a great addition to our family.

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