We renamed Oak as Merlin! Merlin is primarily our 8 year-old son’s kitten, and he likes the legends of King Arthur. 
Merlin has been doing great. We have no health or behavior concerns at all. He eats well and occasionally eats his older kitty sister’s food in addition to his own. He uses the litter box like a champ, and has caught on that he should scratch on his scratching posts. 
We also have a senior cat and a lab mix (a rescue dog who joined our family a couple years ago). Merlin just wants to play with them, but they don’t seem to share that interest. Merlin is still learning the others’ “leave me alone” cues. We segregate then when we’re gone and keep a close eye on them when everyone has the run of the house until we can be sure to trust them unsupervised. 
Merlin is FULL of kitten energy and loves to play. Then when he crashes, he’s super snuggly. He likes to sleep in our son’s bed. 
We are very thankful and appreciative of the care he received at the Humane Society, especially when he had to stay longer to recover from the respiratory infection. We would have liked to bring him home sooner, but so appreciate that his vet care and medications were covered. 
Just before adopting Merlin, we had to put down our kitten, Arthur, for congenital bowel and bladder problems. We’d brought Arthur home from a friend’s farm and loved him very much. He was an adorable, sweet kitten that we didn’t know was very sick. Caring for him was expensive and heartbreaking. After that experience, we knew we wanted to adopt from a shelter where the animals were vetted prior to adoption. It made us appreciate the work you do even more. 

I’ve attached a couple pictures of Merlin. We think he’s pretty great. 
Thank you for all you do for the animals. Our favorite breed is rescue. 

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