Hello! Silas is now Lenny! He is an absolutely wonderful dog. I cried the first time he wagged his tale at me (it took about a week) and he gets soooo excited when I come home! He’s currently napping,snoring, and farting in my lap as I type this. He is doing awesome with potty training, but still has a few accidents here and there. He has started wagging his tail at everyone and every animal he meets and it makes me the happiest dog mom. He has put on a little weight with all the tricks he’s learning like sit and shake! He fits into our family so well. I was nervous when I adopted him, he seemed detached from people and wouldn’t seek out attention but has done a 180 and his personality has really come through! I am so glad I made the decision to bring him home! He also comes to work with me sometimes to the nursing home and he loves to crawl into bed with my residents and have a good nap and they enjoy him just as much. I am so grateful I took him home, just wish I would have done it sooner! Thank you for all you do for these animals ❤
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