(Binx now Huxley)
Okay so let me tell you, this boy is a little Casanova. He licks my face all night, so I now have nightmares that someone is rubbing sandpaper on me. If I try to move away from his smooches, he puts his paw on my cheek and puts out his claws to keep me in place. He purrs and slobbers all day long. He has a lot to say and he songs me the song of his people at meal times. He watches TV and plays video games. He loves board games. Men are actually just large interactive playthings. All women are his girlfriend, except for Bethany. He drinks my green tea. He steals eggs, marshmallows and potatoes. He plays fetch. He fails his stealth roll about 100 times a day and he’s a bit clumsy.
I couldn’t be happier. He is the sweetest things ever.
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