Remus (previously Geo) has adjusted so well! When we first got him in November, he was a bit skittish, but he warmed up quite quickly. He loves his buddy Toki (who’s almost 13), and the best way to his heart is with food still! He loves to chirp and trill, and is always curious about what you are doing. He loves watch birds and squirrels, he picks out a different toy to play with every day, and enjoys snoozing in the sun. My favorite thing is when he is lovey, he will knead no matter what he is doing. That includes when he’s walking and he looks like he’s prancing. It’s adorable.

We work every day with being picked up for longer and longer. We’ve even had a couple of lap lands in the past few months. We love him more every day.

Remus heard that his brothers Cayenne and Neo are still available for adoption. They would make great additions to anyone’s family who would be willing to work with them and give them some loves (and maybe a few extra treats)!

Adopt don’t shop!
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