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 Lottie’s new name is Daisy.   I think she is doing well after kind of an upsetting first two weeks with us.  We had only had her for a week.  There was a death in the family so had to travel to Illinois.  She went to boarding kennel.  Was there three days.   Then came home again for few days and then to be taken camping.   Think she might have been wondering where she belonged!   But we have gotten the potty training, I think, accomplished.  No accidents since first couple weeks.  She is a very smart dog and has learned commands, what she shouldn’t do and should well.   Loves to play ball.  Loves her squeaky toys also.
Daisy eats well, but likes people food a bit too well.  Loves raw carrots, popcorn and pancakes.  She gets, but in limited amounts, these foods.  We switched her over to Nutrasource Puppy food with a tablespoon of canned mixed in.
She bonded with me to the point she has to be wherever I am.   She is leery of Bob, but I think that is improving as he can now walk her and take her outside to bathroom and for play.  Daisy is extremely skiddish around strange people.  Hopefully that will improve with exposure to people and time.  She also doesn’t like riding in the car.  We have started taking her for short rides to try to get her used to riding.  Hoping that will work!
We have crated Daisy at night so far, just because I’m not totally sure of potty training, and she likes to chew on things.  She hasn’t objected.  Been good all night long from the getgo!  When we have to be gone, we put her in an outside 8X12 kennel.  She doesn’t seem to mind that either.  She gets some of her toys with her and a jerky treat.
Most evenings after supper we go for a mile walk…….good for her AND me!! She really enjoys that!  She has also discovered chipmunks outside to chase……good entertainment!!
All and all, Daisy has been a good fit for us.  We enjoy her antics and gives us many laughs.  Pretty sure she likes us also!!  Glad we were able to get together.