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 Little Tiny is now Finley! Finley is adjusting well to living with the Meyer family. Initially, she seemed shy but each day since she has come “out of her shell” and now she is fully out and is definitely part of the family! 🙂 She is a sweetheart that has a boat load of energy. Cuddling is her favorite thing to do when she’s tired and when she’s awake it’s always play time. She knows who her owners are and always has to see what they are doing and keeps a close eye on us. She is friendly to everyone she meets and plays well with other dogs. She is smart too! She learned how to sit, lay down, and shake all within the first week of having her. We have definitely created an unbreakable bond! I don’t have any concerns about anything involving her health and behavior. Finley seems to be a healthy, happy puppy and we are so happy to have her to have her!
Thank you Detroit Lakes Humane Society for all you do for these special animals. We are so thankful!
Here is a picture of Finley – she has grown! She is approximately 17 lbs. (She is pretty well potty trained, too!)
Thank you again,