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Vaders name is now Nash, and he responds to it very well. Nash loves his new home! He gets to play with his big sister Luna. He has his own kitty bed, and lots of toys. At night, he gets to sleep with me in my bed, and him and luna cuddle. He is a character. He loves to get into his food, so we are always finding new hiding spots so he doesn’t over eat. He is very loving, playful, and sweet kitty. We have not had many problems with him, except, he has gone poop and pee on our floor a handful of times. We have switched litter, and that seems to help, but every once and a while he will pee on the floor. Nash did have ear mites when he came her, but I got meds and he is fine now. My other cat never got them but she had them when she was a baby as well. He has no problems eating. He is a big baby, and we love him very much. He follows his sister luna everywhere, and cries for her when he cant see her. If you would like to see more pictures of luna and nash, follow their insta @lunny_tunes22